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9 Times out of 10 the dead weight that is hurting you
are the people who are around you everyday - Movies, Music, Electronic Games & more


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Want to become a real estate salesperson?
Do you live in NYC? Here is your shot.

You will need to take a course and one place you can do that at is Nasible.
Nasible is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.
(Want More Info On Nasible Email Me)

In NYC you have to take a real estate course as well as pass a class and state exam.
The book below is a book that can be used as a study guide.

Setting Goals

Setting Goals is not easy but if you have
a goal it will make whatever you are planning
go smooth. You can’t hold back and you have
to keep moving forward. When someone tries
to hold you back brush them off and remember
you have goals.

Working your Social Media

Working Your Social Media from A-Z In order for your social media to work for you you will need a team. Social media can be a great tool for your business but only if you can utilize it the right…

Making The Right Steps

When you’re in business it is important to make the right
steps towards the top of the latter. You have to remember
that it is lonely at the top.

Strive to be #1

Pumpkinhead Dead At Age 39

Brooklyn’s Own Pumpkinhead has died at age 39. The cause of death is unknown. The rappers real name was Robert Alan Diaz. Click Photo for the story……