How would you like to have all of your apps like HULU, Netflix, Sling and more all in one BOX? You can have all of your apps in one place right now. ROKU can do that for you. Go ahead and click the link below and get your ROKU now!!! […]

TV in a box

We travel all around the world. We have seen so much and have had so much fun. There is one app that we use and we use it a lot. We like to make sure that everyone with us has it downloaded and ready to go. We are currently booking […]

The App We Use When Traveling

On of the best TV apps out right now. We use this app everyday and we love it. This is very high on our recommendation list of apps to use.

Watch TV

Cell phones are the way to go. You never know when you will be stuck between a rock and a hard place and in need of a cell phone. Here is a link for some phones that we have used here at WOTG

Need A New Cell Phone?

Ready For Some Fun! Getting yourself, friend or family member a new game system does equal a days worth of fun. We have been huge game system fans for a long time dating back to the first ever Nintendo. We pride ourselves by saying that we have played almost every […]

Brand New Game System = Fun Time

Weather you are upgrading or buying a new game system you know that having fun is just one click away. We all are in it for the fun these days. At home in your living room or in your bedroom it will be a blast.

Brand New Game System

LAX Universal Magnetic Air-Vent Mount for Smartphones and GPS Devices Powerful magnetic mount, with ergonomic design Works with all smartphones and GPS devices Prevents devices from scratches and falls Provides easy accessibility to mounted device Rubber grip on magnetic surface offers extra protection Easy to mount and release Simply clips […]

Mount For Your Phone Or GPS